About Headway School

I. Vision Statement

Headway School will:
  • Foster moral, academic and physical excellence.
  • Provide effective learning and evaluation.
  • Create enriched opportunities in the Arts and Humanities.
  • Prepare students for success in a technologically changing world.
  • Nurture the soul of each child so mind and body can accomplish truthfulness and contentment.

II. Mission Statement

Headway School is a university-preparatory independent school committed to students in their pursuit of academic excellence. Students develop confidence, compassion, integrity, and self-discipline through our academic, athletic, and cultural programs.

The Headway School Society of Alberta will assist parents in their role as the primary educators of their children by providing a classical academic education coupled with programs for character building and community service.

The democratic habits of TRUTHFULNESS, CONTENTMENT, ANALYSIS, EARNESTNESS, SHARING and MEDITATING on Ultimate Moral Authority are not innate. They must be taught, exercised, and owned.

The Headway School Society of Alberta believes in the ONENESS of GOD and therefore oneness of HUMANS. Students from all religions and communities are welcome to attend Headway School to prepare for their life.

Headway School is a culture-based Academic School that offers Punjabi Language as a subject. Our educational philosophy is to develop the student’s Body, Mind and Soul for complete development. It is our mission to make sure that students will become good citizens and be positive throughout their life to become leaders of tomorrow.
The Headway School Society of Alberta believes that the underpinnings of change rely on the creation of a learning community, where everyone has something to learn and something to teach.
The mission of the Headway School Society of Alberta is to develop in each child the love of TRUTH, an ability to be CONTENT, the ability to engage in ANALYSIS, knowledge to know the difference between WANTS and NEEDS and the desire to master the academic building blocks necessary for a successful future.
Education through The Headway School Society of Alberta will cover MIND, BODY and SOUL.

MIND: Academics and practical skills


BODY: Physical fitness and health


SOUL: Creativity, values and character

III. Statement of Values

A Positive Learning Environment

At Headway School we offer a stimulating and rewarding environment that fosters academic excellence and a life-long love of learning. We create opportunities for individuals to develop a sense of pride, satisfaction and personal enjoyment by virtue of their accomplishments. We value openness, adaptability, and the ability to analyze and integrate, to think creatively, and to communicate effectively. We stress a scholarly and rigorous approach to learning.

Excellence in Teaching

We value effective teachers who combine their strong academic background with concern for the intellectual, emotional, social and physical development of each student. The School promotes academic freedom and entrusts teachers with the responsibility for curriculum development within established guidelines. We value enthusiastic and innovative approaches to teaching. We are committed to providing professional growth opportunities for all staff.

Personal Development

We foster an environment promoting confidence, self-esteem, co-operation with and respect for others. We value honesty, reliability and high standards of personal conduct and responsibility. We encourage participation in a wide range of activities including athletics and the arts. Full effort to educate a child’s mind, body and soul is made. The children should have more than a piece of paper after grade 12. They should have ‘themselves’ ready to take on the higher goals. In essence they should know who they are, where they are and where they are going. If children don’t come out of Grade 12 with these perspectives then we will have failed them.

A Sense of Community

The Headway School Society of Alberta will develop a community environment within the school where civility and respect for others is the norm. It will be an environment in which innovation, challenged thinking, disciplined inquiry, and teamwork will be promoted. The school becomes a shared enterprise among those in the community, parents, students, teachers, and staff. It also will be an environment that is grounded in the ultimate reality that the students attending this school need to have some very concrete skills to make a successful transition from childhood to responsible adulthood. We value and promote diverse perspectives within and beyond the school community. We encourage commitment to the local and global communities in which we live.

IV. What is a Community School

Traditionally schools have represented a focal point in Punjabi community life. Under the big Bunyan tree or in the one-room school it served as a community meeting place, and a place for governmental gatherings and special events. The custom of bringing together teachers and individuals in community meetings gave parents an opportunity to discuss the school program and allowed the teacher to gain a better understanding of the needs of individual pupils and of the community itself. The teacher and the school were the heart of the community. Reading a letter, writing a letter, having family consultations, taking up problems with neighbours, and organizing tournaments were just some of the chores a teacher was charged with. If the teachers were single or if a teacher’s wife went away on vocation, teachers were taken care of by the community. Teachers were the pride of the village. If a good teacher wanted to leave, he was encouraged with tears and pleadings to stay. When students met their teachers, 10 or 15 years after graduating, the students would touch their teachers’ feet and thank them for teaching them.

A teacher was a guru and was regarded very highly.

Over the years parents have become less involved in their children’s education. Urbanization and social and technological change have created an ever-widening gap between the community and the school. Increased capitalism has damaged the connection between the two. That is true in India and in Canada. Meetings between parents and teachers have become highly formal and structured. Often meetings are held under negative circumstances or have disappeared altogether. The end result is that tradition, morality, and family values have eroded away. The community has lost the genuine respect for school, teacher and learning. School is just a place where children are kept during the day while parents work. Because of these circumstances and other institutions such as judicial system and welfare, the backlash from teachers and their ‘professional’ agencies has been very devastating. The school has been reduced to being a mere extension of daycares and fun-activity centres. Hard-working pupils and mentors are a thing of the past. Being happy and doing one’s best is an oxymoron and this is destroying our society. One must work at the outer edges of his/her ability to learn new information. That’s what research says about ‘schema’ and new learning. Yet we are poor in application.

In order to help bring the community and the school closer together, Headway School was conceived. The major objective of the program is to involve both the parents and community members in the educational system for the mutual benefit of both the school and the community. The Headway School philosophy is designed to strengthen the bonds between school and community.

1. A community school is a place where all members of the community have the same worth and can all participate in the education of one another.

2. A community school encourages the involvement of the whole community: parents, children, seniors, and families, not just those who attend the school.

3. A. community school attempts to identify and fulfill needs within the community, socially, spiritually, culturally, educationally, and recreationally, and to utilize the school as a focal point from which to fulfill these needs.

V. Goals and Objectives

Schools that work in partnership with the home and community are seen to be more effective schools.

1. To provide a place and opportunity for parents, children and the community to plan and participate in educational, social, cultural, spiritual, and recreational activities.

2. To encourage community involvement in the day-to-day operation of the school.

3. To provide a pleasant learning atmosphere for all ages.

4. To provide activities which encourage racial and cultural understanding among the many different groups within the school community and community at large.

5. To have the students internalize the following behaviors:

Our students shall strive for higher moral grounds, academic excellence and physical standards.

They will act with dignity through respect for self and others.

They will respect school property and property of others.

They will attend classes everyday, be on time, and remain until dismissed by teachers.

They will bring all necessary materials to class.

6. To have the students discard the following behaviors:

The students will not behave in any way that may result in the disruption of the learning of other students.

The students will not loiter.

The students will not wear bandanas or hats.

The students will not bring to class food or drink, laser pointers, walkmans, cellular phones, or pagers.

The jackets will always be in lockers or on hooks.

To learn about themselves through their culture, which comprises religion, language, history, clothing, food, music, poetry, art, songs, places and tradition.


At Headway School, we pride ourselves in a strong faculty who cares about its students and its school culture. Our teachers are Highly Qualified under the Alberta Education requirements. Follow the links below to find more information about our faculty, including links to their websites and email addresses.


Ms. Huston


Mr. Hoonjan

Physical Education

Mr. Gill


Mrs. Das